Gualtiero pizzas

the one and only quality pizza with its unique, unmistakable flavour. Once you have sat down and enjoyed it, you forget you’ve eaten it because it is so good and, more importantly …so easy to digest!


"da Gualtiero" - the secret recipe

Expertly source and choose all the ingredients: from the tomatoes for the sauce to the vegetables, the cold meats and salami, cheese, flour and water, every ingredient is selected for its quality and natural goodness."


The dough rises …slowly!

The dough is soft, needs lots of water and is left to rest for a long time but, most important of all …it respects the needs of the microorganisms which make it rise!



The pizzas are cooked in special wood-burning, exclusive models using highly insulating refractory materials, originally shaped oven interiors and a rotating base, to ensure optimal heat distribution and the best cooking conditions every time!

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